What I like best about crochet is making flowers and granny squares. Here are some bookmarks along with some favorite books.   

Espresso Shots--fun flash fiction

  His pen slipped, leaving a tiny trail of ink, smudging the words. The beauty they invoked, now held a smear of imperfection. The cabin sat cloaked in a haze of invisibility. Getting away, disappearing among the trees, wedged in a ray of sunlight shining through the window--his dream. The beauty flooded his being, but the trees didn't hold the souls he needed. They satisfied him for awhile, but now he found himself surprised that nature could only offer so much. That he actually needed people.

Treats from friends

I've always been surrounded by greatness. People that are gifted, smart and in this case we can add thoughtful to the list. These arrived today. Sent by people who used to live next door. They wanted to congratulate me on my published novel. Jesus said to treat others like you would want to be treated. This is definitely the treat I'd want. Thank you, dear neighbors who live too far away now. I miss your notes and little gifts that would arrive on my doorstep every holiday. Whimsical things like books, poems, a stuffed Paddington that now graces my bookshelf, and of course chocolates.  

Debut Novel--The Filbert Ridge Miracle is available on Amazon

Working on second novel in the company of my first novel to remind me that it can be done again. Celebratory treats involved.

Writing the Right Way

    I've recently discovered that I needed to up my game.  I'm no grammar queen. As a word nerd, this has become unacceptable. My commas appear randomly, and when they are supposed to make an appearance, they come up missing.  I've decided to become a grammar expert. I want to know all the terms and what they do. So, I am  sending myself to 'Grammar School.'  How about you? Is there an area in your current  profession that you'd like to improve upon?


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